In the high school social studies classroom, students are exposed to a wealth of content, covering a wide range of topics, eras, and perspectives. Students focus on learning through a variety of primary and secondary sources. Along with content, student learn through inquiry - such as asking questions, gathering and evaluating sources, developing claims and using evidence, and more. Required social studies courses for all graduating high school students include American and world history, economics, and government. Riceville also offers a variety of elective courses to fit the needs and interests of all students - current issues, psychology, sociology, geography, religion, military history, anthropology, and others. Please refer to the Iowa Core Standards for specific benchmarks and content covered in each course. Also, visit, our classroom website, for a course syllabus, classroom guidelines, and weekly assignments.


Social Studies Staff

Kelly Houser

MS Social Studies/Writing/Student Council, Coach


Phone: (641) 985-2288