Room 11 is the place for the required class of English I.  This class has a unit on mythology that not only shares information about the gods and goddesses, but also connects to history and what part of the myths may be based on facts.  A relevance to today is shown by connecting to allusions in writings and advertising. Both English I and an elective, English III, offer opportunities to study Shakespeare and his written works.  This is done by looking at the themes of his plays and their relevance today. Dual credit classes include Foundations of Writing, forming a basis for all writings, and College Composition I and II that lead the students into deeper reflection and more advanced writings using mentor texts.  There are other choices of electives such as Modern Authors and Betwixt and Betwain. Modern Authors takes a look at writers of today and their style, composition and tone in relation to modern society’s cultural norms and what may be deemed as the current societal problems. Mark Twain, his life, his influence, and his writings are the topics studied in Betwixt and Betwain.  Literature, grammar, usage and mechanics are emphasized in each class offered in Room 11.

Room 3 is where the other required English class convenes. English 2 is the second required English class for all high school students at Riceville High School. This course focuses in American literature and the relevance to today’s world and issues. The class looks at witch hunts with The Crucible and racism with To Kill a Mockingbird. The year is rounded with Julius Caesar. The creation of an online student portfolio of academic and extracurricular learning is required as well. Research writing, as well as, grammar and mechanics are featured. Speech is another required element from the English department. Students learn to become comfortable speaking in front of peers during this semester long class. The culmination of which is the class favorite mock trials. Creative Expressions, Technical Writing, Stars Wars and Shakespeare, and Mythic Elements in Modern Movies round out  the electives offered from Room 3.


Language Arts Staff