The Riceville 4 year old Preschool Program is an engaging learning environment where the students are learning beginning social and academic skills. Teaching Strategies GOLD, Iowa Early Learning Standards, and Early Childhood PBIS are the standards used to guide the social and academic skills taught in the preschool classroom. The students are introduced to new social, reading, and math skills in whole and small groups, and then they are able to practice and explore these skills during center time. During center time students are able to choose from a variety of interest centers and engage in different hands on activities that incorporate social and academic skills along with the topic we are currently learning about.

In the fall the preschool students do a study about pumpkins. We learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and the students do classroom explorations with pumpkins. Then we  take a field trip to U Pick Pumpkin Patch in Osage, so the students have a real life experience of how pumpkins grow to connect to their learning in the classroom.


4 Year Old Preschool Staff