The Riceville Elementary School Title I Program’s goal is that students should strive to be proficient or above proficient for their grade levels in all areas. If a student is not proficient in the areas of reading or math, the goal is to provide extra support through the Title I Program. Students are selected for Title I services based on assessments, classroom performance, and other alternative testing to select students for Title I assistance. The Title I students are scheduled during non-instructional times in the classroom.  

It is the policy of the Riceville Community School District that parents and family members of children, who are in the Riceville Title I Program, should have the opportunity to be involved jointly in the development of district’s plan and the district's review process for the purpose of school Improvement. Recognizing that parental involvement is a key to academic achievement, we seek to involve parents in an effective home-school partnership that will provide the best possible education for our students.

The district provides coordination, technical assistance and other supports necessary to aid in the planning and implementation the parent involvement activities. The district encourages parent involvement and supports this partnership through providing information about standards and assessments; providing training and materials for parents to help their children; educating school personnel about involving parents and the value of parent contributions; and developing rules for community organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools.


Title 1 Staff

Shary Ebert

Title I/ELL


Phone: (641) 985-2288

Email: shary.ebert@riceville.k12.ia.us