Happy Friday!

This is a new section where I will have weekly (hopefully lol) information on such items as: illnesses, health highlights, reminders, etc. to keep all of you in the loop or just pass along some good information!

This week I saw a lot of students with complaints of headache,  stomachache (not much vomiting at the moment), and coughs/sore  throats. We have had a few students with strep. Please remember to follow school policy when your student is ill regarding fevers and vomiting/diarrhea. Influenza, especially B strain, is hitting a lot of children. So far I have not been informed of any students who have tested positive for this. Remember that influenza  is very contagious and  usually  comes on quickly.

February  is National Children’s Dental Health month as well as National Heart Month. Next Friday, Feb. 7 is Wear Red Day to a raise awareness of heart disease. Heart disease  is the #1  killer of both men & women. We encourage both students and staff to wear red on  Friday.

With grant money we received, Mrs. Cimmiyotti and I will be talking with the Kindergarten and 1st graders about dental care and drinking plenty of water each day. Each student will receive an electric toothbrush and a fun book about the importance of water.

Have a great weekend and remember only 48 days till spring!!