Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Week of Oct 6-11th

Monday:  Western Day

Tuesday: America Day

Wednesday:  Pajama Day

Thursday: Generation Day (Seniors: elderly; Juniors: middle-aged adults; Sophomores: elementary students; Freshman: toddlers/babies)

Friday: Red and Black

Lunch Menu (Tuesday) – phalli steak sandwich, fries, corn, pears

Breakfast Menu (Wednesday) – egg omelet, toast, apple sauce, orange juice

Weekly Bulletin

Tuesday October 1

4:15pm JH/VB vs Northwood-Kensett at Riceville

6:00pm JV/VB vs Don Bosco at Riceville

6:00pm Fresh/Soph/VB vs Don Bosco at Riceville

7:15pm V/VB vs Don Bosco at Riceville

Wednesday October 2

Thursday October 3

3:30pm Story Hour at Public Library

6:00pm JV/VB vs Clarksville at Clarksville Leave at 4:30

6:00pm Fresh/Soph vs Clarksville at Clarksville leave at 4:30

6:15-7:15pm Tae Kwon Do

7:15pm V/VB vs Clarksville at Clarksville Leave at 4:30

Friday October 4

7:00pm V/FB vs Dunkerton at Dunkerton Leave at 3:45

Saturday October 5

9:00am V/VB vs St Ansgar at St Ansgar leave at 7:45am

9:30am V/CC vs multiple schools at Cresco leave at 8:15amn

5:00pm Mexipalooza in Riceville Gym