Our high school faculty, counselor, and administration have decided to make a change in the freedoms students are granted in adding/dropping classes each trimester. We have found that due to year-long classes, few class offerings, and prerequisites for college credit courses, when students try to add and drop courses between trimesters, they have few or no options. Students are not choosing to take rigorous coursework that will prepare them for college and careers; instead, they are stuck with non-credit options like student-aide and work release.

While there is some benefit to those options, we as a staff feel that students are better suited sitting in academic courses. We do not want our students taking remedial coursework in college or being unprepared for the workplace. By ensuring that they take a full course load through the end of their senior year, we feel that they will improve their ACT scores and preparation for college coursework.

New Guidance on Scheduling Changes:

Priority will be given to changes that are deemed academically necessary. Some examples are:

  • a student is missing a required class
  • a student has been scheduled for multiple courses in a single period
  • a student has a need based on a documented disability
  • a student needs to make up a class that was failed in the past

Examples of changes that are not deemed academically necessary:

  • a student wishes to change a teacher
  • a student wishes to change the order of classes
  • a student wishes to change the hour of study hall(s)/release(s)
  • a student wishes to change the hour of PE or type of PE
  • a student wishes to drop a year-long course when earning an adequate grade
  • a student wishes to drop a course to be a student aide or for work release

Change requests will be accepted via email or in person using the official schedule change request form on the Riceville School website.  Students will be expected to follow their current schedule according to JMC until an official decision or change has been made and communicated to them.

Riceville CSD Administration and Staff


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