Credit Requirements:

English:  4 years (English I, English II, speech, six trimesters of electives)
Math:  3 years
Science:  3 years (biology, physical science, three trimesters of elective)
Social Studies:  3 years (American history, world history, government, economics, one trimester of elective)
Health: Health I and CPR training
PE:  one trimester per year
Computers: advanced computer applications
Character Ed.: character development and leadership class one trimester (jr./snr.)
Personal Finance: one-trimester class (junior/senior year)
Transitional Planning:  one job shadow and five hours community service per year of high school attendance

Total Number of Credits:

English: 12
Math: 9
Science: 9
Social Studies: 9
Computer: 1
Health: 1
CPR: 0
PE: 4
Character Ed.: 1
Transitional Planning: 1
Personal Finance: 1
Electives: 31

Total:  79

Recommended class pathway