Eagle Bluff Trip Schwan’s Fundraiser

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This spring, Riceville Community School will be taking 7th and 8th grade students to Eagle Bluff Educational Learning Center near Lanesboro, Minnesota. Eagle Bluff specializes in transformative educational experiences for each participant. Students witness first-hand that a visit to Eagle Bluff:

  • Fosters a sense of respect, stewardship and community: live and learn with peers and teachers.
  • Imparts life skills such as teamwork and problem solving: face challenges and find success together.
  • Increases environmental & academic literacy: dive into accredited curriculum aligned to state standards and STEM principles.
  • Promotes positive outdoor experiences: experience the outdoors with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.
  • Sparks curiosity and appreciation for the natural world: see the Big Dipper, hear toads at the pond, or hold a bird in your hand.

Eagle Bluff is not a camp, but rather an accredited, special function outdoor school with a staff of licensed teachers and highly trained naturalists. The program in which your student will be participating in is part of their school curriculum with academic content as well as life skills that can foster a sense of community and understanding through students’ interactions with peers and teachers.

We invite you to explore more by visiting the Eagle Bluff website.



Please help us with fundraising efforts by purchasing great food from the Schwan’s Cares Program.